Handyman services

What's included with this service?

 - Estimate is for trip charge plus hourly rate

 - Handyman can complete multiple services within the hours given

 - Projects requiring a license are not covered by this service

 - See examples of projects listed below

 - Handyman will supply tools only

What types of projects can I request?
Depending on the duration of the appointment, the handyman might be able to complete one big project or multiple smaller projects. Here are some examples of hourly handyman projects:

 - Repairing drywall (2-3 hours depending on size of damage)

 - Hanging shelving (2-3 hours depending on size and quantity)

 - Hanging doors (3-4 hours depending on type and condition of door)

 - Door handle / knobs replacement

 - Dead bolt installation

 - Fan/ lamp / chandelier installation

 - Light Fixture installation

 - Smart Appliance setup

 - Stairway lift installation

 - and more.

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